Glastonbury 2019

Tickets on sale October 7th:

Registration spreadsheets at the ready, about as stressful as Sunday mornings get.

General Glasto chat encouraged

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I’ll be having a go, a few years ago a friend of a friend ended up getting them for us. It was bedlam on the day, we never seemed to get close to getting them.

Haven’t been since 2008. Actually got tickets in 2009 but couldn’t afford it, so lost the deposit.

Tried several times in the meantime but never got them after being successful my first three attempts.

Gonna try this year but I think it’s more nostalgia than anything making me go for it. It’s a great weekend when the weather is nice, but otherwise (normally?) it’s a trial of body, mind and will. And all the good acts get like 40 minute sets.

In my heart, I really want to go again. The last of my 5 times was back in 2010 and i didn’t think at the time that would be my last. I feel like I’ve got one more in me, but despite each year, everyone saying they’d be up for going next year, all the initial enthusiasm falls away and again now I don’t think many people I’m close with are too fussed about going. couple that with either cramped camping or an extra few hundred for the tory options, and the usual weather concerns and once again I feel I’m destined to let myself down by not even trying to get tickets.

Was always told calling it Glasto was the Tory option.


  • Fine
  • Tory option

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Can definitely see this as a contributory factor but wouldn’t confirm someone as an outright tory if you get me.

Only been once in 2016 and it absolutely shat it down, leaving horrendous mud and seemingly endless queues to get anywhere. Did have a great weekend despite this and there’s always so much to enjoy from the lineup. Although I’d perhaps wait for the resale once the lineups out… or bow to peer pressure from friends.

Few outlets reporting Kylie’s for the legends slot


I haven’t been since 2007 which was so miserable I vowed to never go again but some friends are trying to convince me. Just don’t know if its worth the risk of the bad weather (I’ve been twice and both were mudbaths) when the total cost could go towards an actual holiday instead.

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Getting them really requires a big group of friends communicating well with each other on the day. Have been successful 4 out of 5 attempted years with a big fb message thread of people sorting it out for everyone. Still find it nerve wracking putting in all the registration codes correctly.

2016 was probably my least favourite year. Obviously still had a good time but the mud was just relentless and exhausting. Think it was a factor in 2017 tickets being a little easier to get on the day.

The weather last year was absolutely perfect. Combined with the line-up I think it was pretty much my favourite ever festival weekend.


That’s how we do it, about 20 of us in total. I’ve only actually got through myself once, and the pressure was immense!!
Last year was one of the best because the weather made it easy to get around, bad weather makes it more of a trial but doesn’t ruin it at all for me.

Just having a look back at my ratings spreadsheet from last year:

That final run of Barry Gibb > Chic > Jagwar Ma > Justice was incredible. Thundercat > RTJ > Katy Perry > Wiley > Solange > Phoenix on Saturday was astonishing too.

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Going to try and give it a go again. Don’t hold out any hope for getting any tickets, but might work it again, which I did in the year Metallica played. Was actually quite good fun. Did the wristbanding and people were overjoyed to be out of a queue

Think that was my first year. Had an OK time, but bloody hell it was a slog. Only been back once since, when I lucked out on a hospitality ticket, and had glorious weather throughout (think it was 2013). Decided then that I didn’t think I could ever buy a ticket again, as don’t think I could cope with another rain/mudfest.

Saw quite a few of those myself. Managed to get across from Ride (dull - 6 is a fair score) to Elbow on the Park, then back across for a bit of Lorde then Radiohead. All impossible if it had been muddy.

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Yeah I was zipping around last year, but in 2016 it was close to an hour from one side of the site to the other.
On the Wednesday morning car was in total deadlock about 6 miles from the site, so two of us volunteered to get out the car with the tents and walk all the way to get camp set up:


Smee’s Glastonbury advice:

  • Try to get a crew ticket. Million times nicer camping, the work is fun almost whatever it is you’re doing, it’s free to get in, you don’t have to feel like a schmuk registering and spending a weekend on a computer to get a ticket.
  • don’t look at the lineup until you arrive.
  • don’t visit the dance area during the day or John peel stage at all, only visit one of the two big stages once per day max.
  • 1, maaaaybe 2 acts per day that you decide to go and see whatever happens
  • only see one band with no non-white non-males in it per day
  • mainly hang out in the area made up of west holts, theatre and circus, green fields, Avalon.
  • see what happens
  • the stone circle is boring and really kills the vibe after a night out.

Does this guy know how to party or what?


I’ve only been twice, and can definitely relate to feeling like I definitely had another one in me after my last one. But I dunno, neither year I went were even among the muddiest years there’s ever been, and yet I still found it a real slog both times. Not sure it’s really even my kind of festival these days, and yet I’ll still probably feel pangs of regret if I’m not trying for tickets when they’re released.


I’ve only been on ‘nice’ years and honestly I don’t think I could physically and emotionally deal with a mud year.