Glastonbury 2019

Tay Tay, 1975, fleetwood mac? Isn’t fleetwood mac though is it so I reckon the eavis crew won’t tolerate it. Elton maybe

It’s the 50th year, there’s no way Chris Martin isn’t shoehorning himself in there somewhere.

Its defo Elton. He retires next year.

Fleetwood Mac have self confirmed

Reckon if Taylor Swift plays it wont be headlining. If Macca is available he’ll do it. Or the Levellers

Elton for the legends slot.

This is a very good shout. That seems to have become the biggest slot at the festival now.

He’ll just appear from stage left doing his stoopy dance into all the headline slots.

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I reckon they’ll play with Taylor.

would be an absurd(ly good) booking if they did that - she’s enormous

he’d shoehorn himself into an Elton set as well don’t you think?

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no way Taylor isn’t a headliner

Fleetwood Mac confirmed. Got to be Elton cos the film & retirement. Got to be Macca for the 50th anniversary.

That’s dull though - need one of Taylor or The 1975.

Yeah they’d do Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me or something I guess. And he’ll bring Billie Eilish or Lizzo or someone out for Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.

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Can’t see Elton doing anything but headlining if he’s playing.

Pet Shop Boys are doing a greatest hits tour the month before so they’re probably the legends slot, which would be amazing.

It’s about time Red Hot Chili Peppers headlined!! Atoms for Peace subbing so we get some Friday Flea goodness.

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Just clocked this is the wrong year thread


No way she wasn’t a headliner two or three years ago. Not so sure now.

Bizarre comment, she’s the very top of the top tier, it doesn’t get bigger. She’s bigger than any of this year’s headliners, bigger than most headliners in any other year.

She’s been announced for NOS Alive so I guess she could be doing a few festivals next year.


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He means he wants The Horrors to play

Reasonable suggestion imo