Glastonbury 2019


Depends who else they get but reckon if they went safe with the other 2 headliners (macca and Arctic monkeys or something) they might go for Kendrick. He’s absolutely massive, a critical darling and apparently good live. Only thing that holds him back is not having the crossover hits that the other 2 hip hop headliners have had


Is he massive though? I’m not sure he’d pass the ‘has my mum heard of him?’ test


The format recently has been newish British act, older British act and wildcard. Could see some sort of The 1975/Bruno Mars/The Cure type situation.


Almost like music is consumed in different ways now innit. He was the 4th most streamed artist on Spotify last year, and damn is the 10th most streamed album ever. I’d say that qualifies as being massive, even if that doesn’t translate to being ubiquitous


Are they big enough? What sort of venues do they play on tours?


The O2 apparently. Same place Marcus and the Mumfords are playing next time round…


Blimey. Fair enough, pretty good that nowadays bands that aren’t your bag can get really big and completely pass you by and you just don’t have to listen to them (barring Ed sheeran obviously)


What, people can listen to music…through computers???

I just think his audience is different to the Glastonbury pyramid stage headliner audience, that’s all.


Kendrick Lamar wont be headlining Glastonbury


Fame Academy’s own Lemar on the other hand…


Drake would be a better fit for the festival anyway. Kendrick for Prima please :grin:


Was toying with suggesting this last night, but feared I might be run off the boards.

Drake headlines Glastonbury

  • Hell Yeah, Fucking Right!
  • Pack up your tent, we’re going home

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Just hold on…


Sometimes Glastonbury is great in giving you the opportunity to see something you’d quite like to but wouldn’t pay for. Drake is one of those. Also one of the few biggest pop stars on the planet at the commercial peak of his career. Why not?


I’m just hoping for the Cure. :grinning:


Kendrick won’t be doing it. The 1975, Muse and someone else (probably Macca) is a good shout.


It’ll be The Cure, not Muse.


Macca, Drake and The Cure would be good as far as Glastonbury goes


1975 hardly seem to have the crosd generational appeal that most headliners have for this tho?


I thought their last album was pretty good and had a few big crossover singles on it. The bigger problem about them headlining is I don’t think they’re actually very good as a live act.