Glastonbury 2019


Aye, like they wouldn’t just give it to any old schmuck with a loop pedal, for example


David Thomas Broughton is headlining?!


They’re hugely popular amongst teens/twentysomethings, but the Eavis’ have often talked about giving some headliners a “leg up” if they’re maybe not at the point where it’s obvious they’d headline. I think they mentioned that when Mumfords did it a few years ago, and Florence when she replaced the Foo Fighters.


Nah mate, Edgar Broughton.

(This is fucking class tbf.)


On The 1975, I’d imagine they’re more likely lined up to headline Reading, i mean they’ll surely do one or the other, but they would be a bigger value draw for Reading. Also, not that it means much, but they did announce their new album release date with posters at Reading this year.





This has been covered above, but 2007 was a nightmarish festival experience and we vowed never to return. There was some of the glasto magic, sure, but traipsing for up to an hour between stages in knee deep glue was not a fun time. Its also not being able to sit down because its so wet and not being able to talk to anyone because your hood is up and all you can hear is the rain hitting your head. Scared me off Glasto 4lyf m8.


Did they ever do anything about the new site/festival they were talking about a while back?


So, Stormzy to headline the Friday, apaz. Yer man at eFestivals got told something, then this on the radio:

Not relevant to my musical interests particularly, but 100% absolutely the kind of booking they should be making.






Going for the ‘physical appearance’ angle now are we? It’s sweet that you tried.


Is this an old old troll?


I’m sorry, it’s just… I think I’m in love with you.




I thought it was funny. Wouldn’t say I liked it


Sweet will disengage. He’s popping up everywhere lol


Is someone’s head not part of their physical appearance? I guess yours has long disappeared up your own arse so it’s hard to tell.


Stormzy is shit, I would be very disappointed