Glastonbury 2019


This is so nonsensical that it barely even warrants reading. Seeing as you’ll be back in the bin soon, I hope we can pick this back up another time, you’ve nothing else to do, clearly.


What happened to the Madonna playing the Saturday night rumours? Just rumours i suppose.

Noel Gallagher also a hot rumour


We’d rather you be did too. Cheers.


As if one of the pricks isn’t enough…


This will infuriate Noel Gallagher so I’m very glad if they’re doing it.


It’s the guy behind Vice_is_Hip. He’s a genius, he just now lives in Amsterdam and smokes the strong stuff.


It’s gonna be Stormzy and Noel Gallagher’s Low Hanging Fruit. In Brexit year, the least and most gammon British acts they can find will be nicely headline-grabby.

Think the other will be Springsteen, he’s the only thing that both the least* and most Trumpy Americans like.

  • if this forum/indie HQ is owt to go by


Why? The man knows he’s not headliner level


Assuming you mean Stormzy, he’s kind of a big deal now isn’t he?




When I hear the name Stormzy I just imagine it being an affectionate nickname the rest of the lads at welsh rugby team call their scrum half


Sorry got wires crossed here, meant Noel, completely missed your reference


Kylie absolutely deserves that legends slot.


Would rather watch Kylie end the night than play the legends slot



Betting big on the second album being a smash




That was my first one! I went back every year since then, minus one. Probably not going to bother next year though.


Always hate the Twitter pile-on when rappers play Glastonbury, but Storzmy has a pretty thin discography for a headliner.


2nd album coming out next year. Coldplay in 2002 did the same. Arctic Monkeys did the same in 2007.
The Killers had 2 records when they headlined. So did Mumford and Sons. :roll_eyes: