Glastonbury 2019


Pulp’s setlist in 1995 was based off two albums


Oasis headlined after one album


Oh right. I’ll wind me neck in. I thought they usually got a bit of a veteran to do it. I have never actually been if I’m honest.


Hope he’s not too big for his wellington boots.


Stormzy in a teacup



Imagine being such a massive, colossal baby that you got a Glastonbury ticket and then threw a tantrum because you don’t like/haven’t heard of one of the 3 headliners on one of the (many) stages




Aside from anything else that’s an absolutely shocking meme.


Really does bring out the racist bell ends who hate being called racist bell ends.

Have to give props to the Eavises for continuing this line of ‘we’ll book who we want as a headliner thanks’; metal, rap, pop, rock, Ed Sheeran… i mean shit it’s clearly worked.


I dunno, it just smacks of “look how diverse we are!”. They’re always gonna be the biggest and most important music festival so that’s why they run these “risks”.


Tbh can see Stormzy absolutely smashing it, people go fucking mental for his stuff because it goes so hard


you think this is all tokenism? novelty?


Thought Stormzy had pretty much crossed over into the mainstream tbh. Seems like a good pick for a headline act.


Also seriously - vast number of Brits in their 40s/50s for whom rap is the music of their youth, they’ll love Stormzy.


When watching some sets from the last Glasto on tv right enough, yer man Stormzys looked by a mile the standout.


Pretty cool to have a black, British, non-rock Glastonbury headliner. Hope he smashes it


Nobody actually likes stormzy and he isn’t popular and everyone who pretends otherwise is just trying to tick boxes actually.


The same people that like Stormzy like Metallica: NOBODY!


Imagine bon Iver walking out to a sold out audience at the other stage on Friday night because nobody is watching stormzy


The Stone Roses are known for their charming and successful festival headlining slots.