Glastonbury 2019


These days if you’re white and say you want to go to Oxford you’ll be arrested and thrown in a Stormzy gig


One of those that sounds like a bit of a reach when I first heard about it, but the more I think about makes perfect sense. And providing the second album doesn’t completely tank, it’s gonna be everywhere when it comes out. Probably won’t seem that odd at all if there’s a few more hits that come off that.


Really into Glasto doing this, even though I am not particularly into his music. He’s absolutely at headliner status and his live shows look great.


Ouch. Had heard about this but never seen any footage. Plays like one of the shreds videos


I’ll put all my cards on the table and won’t renege: other two headliners will be Led Zeppelin and the Spice Girls. :grimacing:




Was at that!


It’s nine and a half thousand pounds


Elton John has been rumoured but I’m guessing 2020 might be a better fit for the rocket man. The UK leg of his farewell tour marking 50 years on the road is that year, and it’s the 50yr anniversary of Glastonbury. It’s written in the stars.


Top Youtube comment: “Was backstage at this and Ian Brown was gurning so much a ten year old boy waiting for his autograph burst into tears and ran off. As I made my way through the crowd to watch them this was playing. Grown men were crying.”

My deepest sympathies. Please tell me there was something that wiped away these stormclouds in the other three days’ worth of sets!


I was there too. I genuinely cannot remember a single other act I saw over the weekend. I don’t know if it’s because I was drinking so heavily or because that Stone Roses set was so bad, it’s actually expunged all other memories of that weekend from my mind.


Wellll, I was really rather over excited and got far far too drunk. This lead to me being perfectly, power drunk for Sonic Youth, for one of the greatest gigs of all time. Brain fried.

Then by the time the classic Roses line up of Brown, Mani, Maddix, Ibrahim, Ipinson and dancing girl came out I was deep in a post drinking fug, and in no state to watch anything. In short I can’t really remember it, other than it being horrible.


Hey, cut the guy some slack, he saved Sheffield from that giant spider invasion, after all.




This is going to be spectacular


That’ll be great :+1::grinning:


Janelle Monae confirmed as one of the West Holts headliners


Janelle Monae followed by Big Boi at West Holts in 2011 was one of the greatest one-twos I’ve ever seen. I’d have had Janelle Monae headlining the Pyramid off the back of that, she was that good, but I appreciate this was never gonna fucking happen.


People have complained about every announcement so far (putting aside the whole 100 stages/always something to watch or do thing). Anyone complaining about this one as well should be forced to hand their ticket back.


No-one that complains about the line-up has actually ever been to Glastonbury, though.


That whole day was absurd in general…