Glastonbury 2019


Yep, that day was ridiculous. Pulp’s ‘secret’ gig at The Park early evening is probably my favourite gig ever…


This is amazing, I was hoping she’d play so I don’t have to shell out for her MIF gig. Just want her and Robyn to play Glastonbury and not clash so I can see them even tho I’m too poor rn to afford their own shows.


Was sat up in the hammocks with a mate thinking “hmmm Pulp might be alright, but we can probably listen here”, and I can still remember him doing the whole “Glastonbury… do you remember… the first time” and just getting up and sprinting downhill as fast as possible.

Still :heart: that whole Glastonbury on a lot of levels, in spite of accidentally seeing all of Jessie J’s set for reasons I’ll never understand.


I saw Robyn at Glastonbury in 2011, she was beset by sound problems - ruined her set and she was clearly pissed off. Hopefully she’ll have forgiven them by now…


I was right at the front next to a very sweaty bloke in a Glasvegas t-shirt. Tame Impala were on before Pulp and I had really good pizza watching Janelle Monae. Excellent day.


Heh. Was so not arsed about Tame Impala…


I just thought they would disappear was completely uninterested by them, more interested in the flight cases that had “Pulp” stencilled on them.


Yeah. They were good hammock music though, tbf. Got a solid hour of Hammock time that day, plus another 40 minutes in the hammock stall over by the West Holts stage.




Where are the Proper Lads With Proper Tunes, eh?


Having just worked out that it’s Orbitals 30 birthday this year their set should be a blinder! And have less of the new tracks that aren’t very good live :confused:


I think I work with one of them.


The flag?


Nothing new driving me wild apart from Janet Jackson maybe


Feels like one of their poppiest ever lineups


Not pop enough for me mate :angry:


I saw Janet when she toured here in 2011 and it was so lifeless :frowning:

Think I’m giving up my ticket anyway, going to Primavera and Houghton now.


Pretty happy with this to be honest, there is a boatload of stuff I want to see


I enjoy how easily readable that poster is