Glastonbury 2019


For a first announcement its decent. Neneh Cherry and Miley Cyrus will be fun


It’s actually a pretty good lineup, I’m just cross Primavera have an infinitely better one.


I’d honestly like to give my ticket back over that line up but there’s no way the wife will let me.

Hopefully it’ll be sunny and it won’t matter.


If Miley didn’t play Party in the U.S.A. I’d be furious


Anyone complaining about this first announcement can and should sell me their ticket.


There was a BBC Radio interview with Robert Smith last year and they asked him about Glastonbury and he said it was unlikely as The Cure had always had a bad experience every time they had played Glastonbury.


If she’s not visibility tripping balls I’ll be furious


thought she was sober these days?


Not going but plenty there I haven’t seen and would be interested in (Chemicals brothers, Janelle Monae, Vampire Weekend, The Cure). Good announcement imo


This is a very good line-up.


Same as always innit… when they announce every stage all the interesting/new stuff will be buried away in the line up some where. Hope everyone has a great time.


It’s alright, and there’s obviously plenty to see and loads else to do etcetc, but I think by Glastonbury standards that’s a pretty boring announcement. Normally I’m green with envy when the lineup gets announced if I’m not going, but no such feelings this time round.


I think this is a really strong line up, nice to see a diverse set of headliners!

EDIT: oh wait, are Janet and Kylie actually headliners?


Nope, Kylie is in the legends slot on Sunday. She’d be much better than the Killers :confused:


Ah, yeah that makes no sense.

At least they’re given equal billing on the poster I guess?


I definitely think of the Legends slot as a 4th headliner, isn’t that the general consensus? Their name goes on the t-shirt too.


Liam not getting top line billing shocker!?

Also in other weird billing news, that suddenly looks a long way down for Interpol :confused:


Glastonbury doesn’t really put weighting on acts position in the line-up the same way other festivals do, beyond the top couple of lines.


Adjacent to Friendly Fires, who no one has listened to, or even been remotely aware of, since 2009. Strange one.


Heard a decent new track by them today. Probably got a new commercial success on the way.