Glastonbury 2019

Trying for tickets this year but if I fail, I fail. Went every year from 1994 to 2016 (except fallow years obviously) then couldn’t get tickets last year. Now I’ve broken the chain of never failing, I’ll just do what I did in 2017 and have a holiday somewhere warm when it’s on. Of course, the weather had to be good when I couldn’t get in!

That was unbelievably grim, but at the time, the only other festival I’d been to was Reading, so in comparison it was the greatest weekend of my life. Hate to imagine going through that without the sweet naivety of youth

Mates are all clamouring to go but idk if i could be fucked paying £250 for not knowing & I’m a real dick when faced with music i dislike (lol)


Would love to go but definitely won’t be. Last one I went to was 2011, went to about 10 in a row before that, what a festival.

Given I can’t justify/afford another Primavera escapade next year I am looking to make my first appearance since 2003 (probably my favourite year) - been five times and 2 were full on mudbaths and the other a partial one- but enjoyed them all except for 97 when I left early due to my friend having a bad trip and keeping us both up all night…I missed that Radiohead gig…should have stayed. What is appealing to me is not “the experience” but the fact that these days there seems to be about 25 tents so during any lull in the schedules one can just go to a Dub, Drum N bass, electronica tent etc and have a dance.

Quick question. Such is the demand likely to be, I am considering getting the coach and ticket option as they hit sale beforehand Thursday 4th at 6pm. That said, I would much prefer to get a lift with my mate who would be driving if we get tickets and I need to be back by Monday before my son wakes up for his birthday. Sooo…the question is…is there a restriction on the number of “coach and ticket” options or in theory if 180,000 (or whatever the capacity is) folk try to get tickets this way to increase their chances etc could there be little to no tickets left for the sunday morning scrummage?
Also do we know if any coaches return late on the Sunday.

If anyone knows the answer to either of these would be great.

My last one too. Worst weekend ever, if you ignore the bit where I met Mrs Huntspill and we are still together now.

But fucking hell, what a dreadful time.


Yes, there’ll only be a select amount of coach and ticket packages on sale.

If you don’t manage to get a coach/ticket package I would get a regular ticket and grab a National Express booking nearer the time. They have hundreds of coaches going to all over and have a bunch of departures on the Sunday. I got one last year, booked fairly lastminute actually, and it was great.

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Was going to try to go to this. Decided I don’t want to.

Unless it’s changed, if you book the coach and ticket package you don’t get to pick which coach you go on. It gets selected for you. Obviously going home is less of an issue as you can just book a different coach but just to flag it will be an additional cost.

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I wish I’d gone in 1995 when I could have. Definitely can’t be arsed with the Sunday morning ticket thing where these days you’re fighting 500,000 fans of whichever stadium act is on the Pyramid.

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If it helps, my brother is always keen to tell me 1995 was one of the worst weekends of his life as it was full of Oasis fans robbing people’s tents (this was when everyone got in for free, pre-fence)


Thanks :slight_smile:

Geez, bet they were glad the Stone Roses cancelled.

Yeah that was a miserable one. My finale was a spectacular one; my girlfriend shat herself during The Who and we had to go back to the tent.


I got food poisoning on the Wednesday night - it was very grim. If I wasn’t so desperate to see Bjork I might have gone home…

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Food poisoning at Glastonbury. That’s…not ideal.

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Totally went in 1995. Stone Roses cancellation a life low point (at that time).

Muddy years are the best, I don’t deal well with heat and last year’s sun just meant half the bands I wanted to see had massive crowds of posh kids talking loudly and killing my vibe. 2016 only the dedicated braved the mud to watch a band, crowds were better.

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But Pulp were great though, no?

Suspect the Roses would have been a bit Reading '96-ish if they had played.