Glastonbury 2019


I got a text about it at 4am, thought it was a troll, but then I pulled out my earplugs and heard a woman howling and crying about it outside my tent while a xenophobic security guard gloated about it. Lay there in the dark for a while freaking my nut out.

Next morning I woke up to the sight of my friend determinedly striding off to some political talk in the Leftfeild tent and felt calmed by that, it just seemed like she’d be able to put a stop to all this Brexit nonesense.


I was off my nut at 2am in NYC Downlow when I checked the exit polls and it wasn’t looking good. Probably the only place on the planet where I could stay happy with that kind of news.

You could tell when someone woke up the next day as it would shortly be punctuated with a groan. The grunts and ‘fucks sakes’ were rippling out across Pennard Hill all day.


The weather was bad, but the line up was also dreadful. On the sunday I woke up to the sound of my mate reading out the days line up in a sarcastic voice, and ending with an impassioned call to action:

“…The Who, The Kaiser Chiefs, The View, The Manic Street Preachers, The Enemy, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly…look it’s a shit line up, it’s shit weather and we are having a shit time, but we need to stay positive and try and turn this around”

[leaves for car]


The Sunday line-up was rubs but LCD were incredible. They had a much smaller crowd than New Order the night before though. You could see a lot more people leaving that Sunday during the day compared to usual.


New Order were on? That’s weird as they are the now Mrs H’s favourite band, and I don’t remember us watching them at all.


Couldn’t pull yourself away from Adele I suppose


Just checked - not on. Or LCD SS (unless they were buried in a tent somewhere). You got your years right?


Sorry pal thought we were talking about 2016:


It did trigger a moment of panic that I would have to get in touch with das wife, and let her know we had somehow missed New Order, on the weekend we had met, because I had probably made us go and see Reef or something.


I remember that day (just). Got absolutely battered before/ during Shirley Bassey, somehow managed not to fall into the mud during Manics, then the weekend was pretty much over for me- instead of hitting the smaller stages for a while i was sat in a camping chair facing the toilets by the pyramid, with my back to the kaiser chiefs. Then i woke up in my tent as i could hear ‘my generation’ in the background, then suddenly it was the worst monday of all time and i can’t face going back there ever again. Good times,


Just to end my “it’s where I met Mrs H” story. On that sunday, I said, “I’m off, you are welcome to come too, but I am going either way”. She decided to come too, so we tottered off to the car park (I’d parked in one friggin miles away) then when we got there, simply couldn’t find the car. And I had really given it the billy big bollocks about how I had a car, and I was going to rescue us.

Could not find the car. Wasn’t there. Surely this is exactly where I had parked it, but no, not there. Brutal.

In the end I said she should sit with all of our stuff and I would go round, find the frigger and come and get her. So off I went, up and down row after row of cars in places I knew I hadn’t parked it. Wasn’t there. After an absolute age, and with the rain starting again, I decided I had to head back, safe in the knowledge that it looked like I had made the whole thing up.

Anyway I get back to her and she is probably about 9 feet from the car. Of course she’d never seen my car before so not her fault, but somehow I hadn’t spotted it, despite us being stood next to it for ages. What a prick.

Anyway, and I know this makes me a tory, but when we got in my Audi, with four wheel drive and skipped out the car park past a load of sinking indie bells in their mothers Micras, I was pretty happy.


Went straight from that pit of human misery to Roskilde festival, where exactly the same thing megamudbath happened again. But in Danish. And with more people just weeing where they stood. Never really recovered from that and vowed never to go to a festival that wasn’t ATP again. Which went well.


I saw you replying there and feared you were going to say “YOU BLOODY RUINED THAT WEEKEND FOR THE LOT OF US. Got much better after you left.”


That’s one of the least romantic stories I’ve ever read :grinning:


Its funny, because people love the “we met at Glastonbury” story, and always assume we go back every year on our anniversary. No one likes it when you say “it was also the worst time of my life”.


No room in the car for me, was there you bastard?

I assumed that the line-up must have been better than we remembered, but I just checked and it was actually, much, much worse.


Weirdly down played the space in the car, cant think why.

Yep, just been through it too, and that Sunday, Christ it is bad in every direction. And I think we were all broadly positive still about Get Cape Wear Cape Fly at that point.


Nope. Wolfpack support act. Would have boycotted that.


Yeah that LCD gig on telly looked especially amazing, and i’ve seen them a fair few times. They were on fire.


Coldplay’s flashing wristbands still worked over at LCD which was cool. Tbf, lots of people I spoke to who went to Coldplay said they put on a great show.