Glastonbury 2019


I was at that LCD gig, was amazed how quiet it was.


Can’t see any mention of 2005 in the apocalyptic weather stakes ? Mental thunder and lightening on the Thursday night meaning loads of tents floated away in the very very heavy rain over night. Quite a few acts were cancelled because several stages had no power on the Friday morning. The site didn’t really recover all weekend. Vowed that was my last Glastonbury and it was. Never again.


Thread definitely dampening my nostalgia for the festival and making me reconsider getting up early on a Sunday to buy tickets


Yeah the Thursday was glorious sunshine followed Friday by a storm and a massive broken pipe (?) meant there was mass flooding; that wasn’t much fun. Recall having to wade knee deep in water to get between stages at one point.

This front cover on the Saturday, from the Q magazine ‘Glastonbury Daily’ paper, still raises a smile



Yeah, that Friday was definitely the worst! Camped by Other Stage and by 7am water was flowing under our tent.

Chucked everything in a bin bag and got out. No wellies, so trudged around around in shitty trainers until could buy some wellies on the Saturday. Just got drunk in the Mandela bar by Pyramid all Friday.


Schoolboy error


I remember being able at that LCD set and seeing the fireworks from Coldplay on the Pyramid Stage. Everyone was looking up at them and one guy nearby me muttered ‘‘those poor fuckers’’


I thought the Sunday was pretty decent, remember seeing Kamasai Washington, ELO and Beck on the pyramid followed by Grimes in the park and then LCD (who were great although must admit I kinda regret not seeing Cyndi Lauper)


2005 was a massive downpour but then mostly just mud. Seem to remember it being sunny and half bearable by the Sunday. 2007 was continuous rain.


this thread has reminded me that i went to boomtown last year and afterwards said to myself absolutely fuck going to a large festival ever again

unless i can sleep somewhere quiet till midday that is, then i’d go


Yep, that’s what I did too (LCD gig with the Coldplay wristband).

I’m not especially a Coldplay fan but see no point in knocking them. And they did a couple of nice things that day (having Barry Gibb on and the tribute to the band that died in the bridge accident).


“You call Glastonbury ‘Glasto…’
You’d like to go there one day,
when they put up the gun towers,
to keep the hippies away.”


Lost my tent and all of my gear that day. Decided to head back to my parents that live about an hour away with my brother. Stayed at my parents on the Friday night, then bought new cheapo tents and went back on Saturday morning. It ended up bein one of the best Glastonbury’s I’d been to.


Just seen the weather report for next year’s festival. not looking good.


They’ve announced them??? Main stage headliner


Helping some mates go for coach tickets tonight. Warm up for the real deal on Sunday. Good luck those trying…


site open on four devices in front of me right now!


having no luck


Half sold


Wednesday sold out