Glastonbury 2019


Got through twice - first time, great, second time all sold out. Good trial run tho


and that’s all of them. see yous Sunday :wave:


Did I nooooo get tickets


Set your alarms!


Long gone are the days you could very easily climb the fence or indeed find a fence down and get in for free. Glastonbury now is like gastro pubs or bland coffee shops, same old nothing, is there a Costa there now? Avoid (but enjoy if you go :slight_smile: )


Ooh, you’re hard


imagine not liking pubs and coffee shops

good luck all


Came to work as home WiFi is shit. You see some interesting characters on the central line at 8am on a Sunday.


Desktop, laptop, iPad at the ready along with five others, here we go! :+1:


Are we F5ing the “maximum possible number of transactions” page or just sitting tight?


sitting tight, it refreshes itself every 20 secs. I’m timing out on all but one device so don’t want to lose it


There’s something so undignified about it, yet here I am!


F5 it, just got one


not had a sniff, but someone else got them. wahoo!


Anyone know if they’ve sold out? Just getting failed page message.


half way through as of 10 mins ago




Sold out


:sob: :sob: :sob:


No joy here :frowning: