Glastonbury 2019


My friends didn’t get tickets so er, not sure I’m going.


Got through to registration loads but it always crashed at that point. Not a single pal got one though so feel less bad.


Enjoy drinking Costa at Glastonbury.


I hear it’s going to be shit anyway and only shit bands will be playing and everyone who goes will definitely shit themselves


Literally one of the worst takes I’ve ever read but congrats on peak DiS-ing yourself, I guess.


Blimey, if that’s the worse take you’ve read on here, you’re doing well


I don’t know how I keep lucking out with these ticket sales but I’ve done it again. Congrats to all those who got tickets.

Anybody who didn’t, don’t worry, it’s overrated, overcrowded, overpriced. Much better festivals in Europe, or just go to Green Man or End Of The Road.


I didn’t get past the holding page. First year I’ve not got tickets. Bummer.


got one, get in


After swearing blind I wasn’t going this year, I am.

Glastonbury number 12 on the way. I’d still rather Blue Dot.


Surprising that even after a really muddy one it sells out in record time. I wrongly assumed the mud memories would put some people off. The general ‘vibe’ of this thread had me thinking it’d be a bit of a harder sell this year. Seems like only recently (the Jay Z year?) it didn’t sell out.


The Jay-Z one was 10 years ago!


Last year was nearly-perfect weather which probably helps people’s buzz for it.


Yeah that’s recently to me, I mean in the last 5-10 years.


Yeah I was forgetting there had been one since Brexit-year.


Failed for the second time running (after 22 years of succeeding).

Enjoying the annual set of hot takes on the festival from people who have never been and have absolutely no idea what it represents.


Irked! :wink:


Enjoy [checks notes] Every single band playing the main stages at EotR and Green Man at The Park stage.

E: also a few on other stages


Managed to get tickets in the end. So glad I won’t have to enter Glastonbury into the terrible festivals thread.


Failed for like the 6th time running. Plus coach ticket tries. Plus resale tries. Don’t even want to go that much, just get FOMO every year and get roped into trying