Glastonbury 2019


Nonesense, there’ll definitely be some overlap, but those festivals really come into their own by attracting niche acts that wouldn’t bother with Glastonbury, or just giving them a better place to play. You’d rather see a Green Man or End Of The Road headliner with all the headliner pomp and circumstance they’ll get in that spot at those festivals, rather than bussed in mid-afternoon to play to a crowd which is 50% pissed people who don’t know who they are. Glastonbury can also never match the general atmosphere of bonhomie that you’d get at either of those festivals.


Sorry, was just being bitter and flippant and should have put safety winks all over my post. It’s obviously like comparing a bag of apples to the tomatina, though.

Like, War on Drugs at Green Man saturday night 2014(?) >>> war on Drugs on the pyramid stage at 1pm, but then you wouldn’t have anything on a scale with Arcade Fire or Beyonce at Green Man.

Do need to remember to get my green Man tickets sorted for next year, though.


I haven’t been to Glastonbury since 2011 and there hasn’t been anything since to convince me to try and get tickets again since really.

I can’t do tenting festivals anymore. Primavera has ruined festivals in this country for me in that respect.
Sea Changes for me next year it was excellent this year apart from the security who were a bit over zealous.


Muse and Sam Smith nailed on for headliners


Everything has its place, and Glastonbury can do things the others can’t do as well as the other way around. But that said I can see myself going to Green Man every year until the end of time, but I don’t see myself still going back to Glastonbury into my thirties. A few of our pals have stopped going now and just do small fests instead, they all say it’s down to having kids, but even without planning to have kids I can’t see myself running around the place getting shitfaced battling crowds and not sleeping when my friends have packed it in and half the crowd is a decade younger than me.


Noel Gallagher had a conniption when a rapper first headlined Glastonbury, I can’t figure out whether he’d approve of the first ever beer headlining


You mean triggered, surely? :slight_smile:

Nah, it’s alright. Anyhow, I failed to get tickets today and I’m still telling people it’s ace.







You guys are great, obviously, but it is notable but that my FB timeline is full of people celebrating getting tickets who don’t go to a single other gig at any other time.




It’s for people who don’t really like music?

And I am a bellend?


Looking back at previous years, it’s clear that Glasto doesn’t get nearly enough of a hard time for their abysmal choice of headliners. In the past 20 years only 2009 has had no embarrassments*. Most years struggle to have one decent headliner. It’s not even like they’re taking punts on outside bets anymore like they did with Muse in 2003, Kings of Leon in 2008, etc. Pre-2000 is even worse.

Yes I know nobody watches the headliners, everyone’s in the the voodoo field finding their inner selves at that time - boo hoo. Great festivals get great headliners as well as great undercards. Barcelona would be in flames if Primavera announced some of those headliners.

So, which realistic prospects do you think would be a good fit to save Glastonbury’s woeful headliner reputation?

The Criteria:

  1. Has to be an artist who’s alive (so no Prince) and active (so no R.E.M)
  2. They have to be ‘big’ enough to draw a headline crowd at Glastonbury (e.g. no The National or Sufjan, as much as I love them)
  3. They can’t have headlined the past 2 Glastonburys
  4. They have to be good.


*2003 with Radiohead and R.E.M is strong enough to get a free pass, and in theory 2010 could have been alright if Gorillaz hadn’t been a damp squib


I meaan on the one hand yes, but on the other hand… no? Given what they put on a lot of the stages i think its fair that they cater for muisc fans as well

For a lot of people this is a party and holiday and there is nothing wrong with that


Enjoy seeing nuisc at Glastonbury! :wink:

As if I have the cheek to tease someone for a spelling error

Edit: oi, don’t make edits so that my joke doesn’t work any more!


Not necessarily, and I don’t know.

Going to more gigs doesn’t make you a better music fan or more worthy of getting Glasto tickets.


I don’t think even ‘being into music’ necessarily gives you more moral high ground over anyone else going either, since a lot of people go and barely even touch the stages and still get their money’s worth soaking up theatre/dance/comedy/food/hippie stuff.


Korma-level take: Glastonbury is the London of the countryside


Bruno Mars would absolutely crush it.


Remember when Zane Lowe got sent home for not liking Beyonce?