Glastonbury 2020/21

On sale October 6.


I feel the dread of trying to get tickets already. It’s going to be so hard.


It being the 50th anniversary ticket day will be harder than ever but obviously I will be trying

I’ve heard the line up is going to be dreadful, so my best advice to you all is not to bother

The long range forecast also looks bad

And brexit


Thinking of it this year but getting the cash together is a fuck and no one I know would be able to go.


Went every year from 1994 to 2016 (except for the years they took off) but the last two years I’ve succumbed to the same problems as everyone else with getting tickets. So of course, the weather both of those years was glorious.

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Can’t believe ticket week is here already. Coach tickets on sale 6pm tomorrow, standard at 9am on Sunday.

  • Trying for standard
  • Trying for coach and standard
  • Giving it a pass this year

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Only going for standard this year but helping out pals tomorrow evening. Gotten myself on quite a few different Google Sheets and roping in a lot of non-attending pals to try and get me and the TV in.

Really hope I get tickets. I’ve gone to enough now that missing out on tickets and only going when I’m successful wouldn’t be a big deal and idrgaf that it’s the 50th anniversary… But Taylor Swift is gonna headline this time! Not being there for her would be unbearable and crushing.

I’ve got a pretty good batting average when it comes to getting tickets for most things but I’ve properly given up* on Glastonbury.

*still going to try tomorrow obviously

I have been roped in for trying for coach tomorrow, this is my first time ever so fully expecting to be unsuccessful.

I must admit… having never been, I am not entirely sure I am that bothered? What if it rains!

This year was the first one I’ve missed since 2014. Hopefully will be lucky tomorrow but Primavera Sound is the priority these days.

Definitely having a go on Sunday, but have a few other irons in the fire just in case. As my mate said: ‘we needed a mudbath last year so nobody would want to go’.

What kind of fresh hell is this going to be

Never been before - last year was the first year I’ve been organised enough to even try for tickets, and was unsuccessful. Will give the coach packages a go tomorrow evening, fingers crossed…

Nervous about this evening already – went for the first time in 2017 (first time trying to get tickets). Tried for this year’s but didn’t get through and was gutted so we’ve stepped up preparations for this year. Trying for both rounds.

Best of luck to those of you who are trying.

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Shite all happening here can’t even get on the holding page

So “You will be held at this page until there is a free space on the booking site”. Count how many times you hear that said. Truth is you’re simply “not getting a ticket”


Last year I just ignored that and kept pressing F5 and got through. Not a sausage this evening yet though

Wednesday sold out