Glastonbury 2020/21

Minorly irked that they’ve updated the page to say that Wednesday has sold out. What was the point of having two different options on the front page if they both went to the same place?

Now all sold out

Coach travel sold out. CBA with this again on Sunday, Primavera it is.

Nowhere near… might try again on Sunday… might not

No luck for me, Sunday morning should be fun with a raging hangover!

that weren’t good

This is my plan… ease the pain by dropping loads of money on Primavera instead

That’s what I did last year

Was on holding page for 20 minutes but no luck.

Got as far as putting our details in and picking a coach then it kept reloading the coach page til it said sold out. Too stressful.

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Phew, got them.

This as far as I got too, I’m taking it as a good omen for Sunday that I got this far though.

I feel sick as a pike about tomorrow. Good luck everyone who’s trying.


For some reason I feel really confident that we will prevail tomorrow. I’ve got a really good squad of 6 Glastonbury buds who are hungry for it and know what they doin, some seasoned some brand new. My sweet old mum and dad are going to be helping out, it just feels like good things will happen.

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Really tense already

Good luck everybody. Just after we get our tickets eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck everyone.


good luck YOU



Good luck folks.