Glastonbury 2023

Ticket date announced! Taylor Swift, Elton John and Arctic Monkeys leading the headliner odds. Strong rumours of Roxy Music in the legend slot.

Let the discussion begin.

Still think a lot about that Kendrick Lamar set.


Can’t believe I’m saying this those headliners are boring as fuck. Going to try this year for the first time in 10 years.

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Reckon Roxy are maybe a bit niche for your average 2023 Glastonbury attendee but can’t think who else it might be. Dylan?

Too big and expensive. The other big rumours that are floating around are Spice Girls and Billy Joel.


Yeah can see that more than RM. Billy Joel would be good.

Also wouldn’t put on much of a show

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Not arsed about going next year, had a blast watching it on TV this year with beers and food, and it’ll save me approx a grand. Probably will put a couple of hundred towards going to a smaller festival that could do with the cash.


Robbie Williams


The new Arctic Monkeys tour dates suggest they’re playing.

Pulp maybe?


Are they ‘heritage’ or pop enough though? Robbie Williams is a decent shout imo


Robbie would be great.

I don’t fully get how the slot works in terms of elegibility for legend vs big slot elsewhere/headline. Also if Roxy music play this year, would be the first time a band played it? Depending if you count Jeff lynnes Elo


Would sneak in just for Robbie

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Think it’s mainly the promise of 100% hits rather than headline-level acts or acts with a new album to promote etc.


Tickets in November is weird. And leaving me hanging in the orrible pit of uncertainty for another month, can I take it?

Will defo be trying for tickets again this year.

I know those headliners seem probable given touring schedules, type of acts that can headline glasto, I think there will be a curve ball though. It’s pretty rare that all 3 headliners are guessed correctly this early.

I hope that it is taylor swift though because seeing her on the pyramid would be a dream come true.

I think pulp will be there but I don’t think they will headline the pyramid. Would be amazing if they did though.

I’m really interested in what the ticket price will be and I wonder if that is why the tickets are on sale a month later than usual. I reckon they will be £345, so a big jump from this year.

I don’t think it will make it any easier to get tickets, it’ll still sell out in 30mins.

I think if Robbie plays he headlines rather than legend slot. It’s not impossible, but I can’t see it myself.

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As much as I love Robbie, absolutely no chance he headlines. He hasn’t had a proper hit for about 20 years. Kylie did Legends a couple of years ago and they’re about exactly the same level I would say


Robbie was on telly the other saying he’s really into doing the legends slot at some point soon. He would be fucking amazing at it, too.


Is the legends slot not usually someone who hasnt played before? That would rule Robbie (and Pulp and Dylan) out.