Glastonbury 2023

not sure that her ego and conviction that she’s still relevant would allow her to do it, but Madonna would be incredible in that slot

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Too expensive. Her eurovison fee was obscene.

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Robbie hasn’t played since the 90s so I think they’re probs make an exception

Reckon Cher in the legend would be INSANE


Have Depeche Mode ever played?

No, never headlined and turned it down about a decade ago because they didn’t like the other acts on the bill. Huge flex


Weird that ticket day is in November! I’m going to try this year (haven’t been since 2016).

Taylor Swift would be amazing!

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I’m surprised that Springsteen seems to have dropped down the list of likely headliners. His tour dates would allow it.

It’s been mentioned in the Springsteen thread, basically it seems unlikely because the E Street Band rarely play on consecutive nights (haven’t since 2014 I think, and even then it was an end-of-tour one-off), and they’re in Sweden on the Saturday.

Also Springsteen wasn’t very good when he headlined before, don’t think they’d have him back

Tickets are £335 plus £5 booking fee.


Ok, fuck that.

What were they this year (although I suppose the last big sale was 2019?) that seems like a massive jump?

£270 iirc.

2019 was £248.

That feels about right for what you are getting in the current climate…I think it is a shame for people who can’t afford it though as it is a lot of money.


The originsl 2019 sale for 2020 Festival was originally £265 and the resale for the same rescheduled festival this year was £285 those prices are inclusive of the booking fee.

Yikes, I mean I know pretty much everything’s gone up in that time, but that’s a hell of a jump.

It’s probably still proportionately good value and relatively favourable compared to some of the other big ones, if you make the most of it and given any of the three rumoured headliners would probably be in the region of £100 a pop now etc. I’m still planning to try again for the first time in a while this year I think, that ticket price will definitely be a comforter if I don’t get through though.

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I’d much rather go to ArcTanGent but I’ll never get any of my friends to go. :man_shrugging:



Nvm got it