Glastonbury changes its name to "The Variety Bazaar"






How bazaar, how bazaar #acoustic guitar riff#


you what


gotta be one of the worst ‘aint broke, don’t fix’ things i’ve heard of




glaston-very bad idea!!


Emily and Michael’s Bel-Eavis or Not!


oh, it reverts back to normal in 2020. carry on (camping)


Eavis: an butthead


I don’t trust Michael Eavis, seems like a prick


Yeah it’s just cause it’s away from the area. Would still call it Glastonbury something.


Right, so it’s a different festival, in a different location, on a year where there wouldn’t be any Glastonbury anyway.

Like when The Knife temporarily got rid of Olof and changed their name to Fever Ray then?


Surely we’ve all learned not to believe a word Eavis says by now?


Used to fancy Emily Eavis until about three weeks ago


Line up leaked supposedly.

Ed Sheeran will go down as one of the worst headliners ever but at least you have the choice between Flaming Lips, Kraftwerk, Justice or Fleet Foxes instead.

Pretty meh in general.


This is getting posted all over the place, but literally anyone can edit Clashfinder


ah yeah right. i didn’t even check the source. fake news. sad! etc.


Ha! I really wanted it to be true that Wyld Stallyns were playing!


squidpan are headlining the Dave Mustaine tent.