Glastonbury changes its name to "The Variety Bazaar"


Even though that’s clearly not real (Fleet Foxes are a Latitude exclusive; The Hives and Blood Orange would not play such high profile slots; Wyld Stallions), if it were I’d be very pleased indeed.

Much of it seems plausible!


Still holding out for Carole King for the legends slot though. Barry Gibb would be an underwhelming pick.


We should totally crowdfund a squidpan / Tiger Crew double header gig.




In fact (and I know I’ve posted this twice now, but hey)


Beautiful *wipes away tear *




Your Sunday headliner, ladies and gentlemen


Amazing, such a good line up this year so far…not


Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Avalanches, Kris Kristofferson, and Ed Sheeran.

4/5 isn’t bad.


I saw the absolute doppelganger of Ed Sheeran this morning as I was cycling. He was driving a fairly beaten up looking Vauxhall Corsa. Tbh I wouldn’t rule it out as being him- some kind of “look at me, I’m just a normal 20something” stunt.


Liam Gallagher is playing apparently.


I’m not an advocate of the action of replying to a thread with simply ‘lol’ and an emoji that is crying with laughter but it seems that this is just such an occasion where such deployment would be fully justified


What exactly has caused such scornful mirth?


I actually have no recollection…must have replied to the wrong thread!..thus scornful mirth now turned very much inwards…


First lineup poster all but guaranteed to come out today. Always get a little giddy with excitement before it comes out.


I’d love it if the lineup poster came out today. It’s a very gloomy day and I need something to cheer me up. But I also think that they’ll choose not to bring it out today. Because it’s Brexit day.


Also, is there not an official Glastonbury thread? I hate how all Glastonbury chat’s taking place in such a cynical thread; one in which Michael Eavis has been described as a “prick” when he is, in fact, The Loveliest Man.