Glastonbury is back!

In one day festival form

Thread hijack. If you’re on o2 priority you can get free tickets for this weekends stream


It’s in September

Warehouse project have just announced a massive one day thing early September too.

Secret roadmap?

Yeah 50,000 capacity one day festival

As a regular Glastonbury goer I can safely say I have zero interest in both this weekend’s stream and the September event.

Even if u did have interest in september imagine how hard it’ll be to secure a ticket :smiley:

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Find the idea of going somewhere as inconvenient as Glastonbury for a one day festival where you can’t camp really unappealing and a bit weird tbh. It’ll obviously do fine because of the fetishisation of it and pent-up demand for something, but yeah.


Thanks for the heads up! Didn’t know about this before. Have just secured a ticket for the Sunday 2pm stream :blush:

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inconvenient for who? the LME? it’s close to Bristol, the south west and and Wales…

It took me four trains to get to Glastonbury and four back to Manchester so I think it’s fair to say that it’s a bit out of the way, yeah.

Obviously this puts a 50,000 ticket limit in perspective.


nah, not for lots of people. To say it’s inconvenient is nonsense.

Even if you’re just driving from Bristol, all that traffic going into a tiny place will presumably be horrendous.


You’re right. They should definitely move it to London or Manchester.

TBF I haven’t read the details but if it’s at the actual Glastonbury site then yes, it’s inconvenient for a day trip. So are most festival sites that aren’t in a city.


Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news but yes, if you want the most amount of people to have a chance of attending a thing then put it in a metropolitan area that is well-served by transport links. Probably Birmingham would be most central.

It’s an inconvenient spot for more people where it is. Just a fact.

Lol calm down.


Lol I’m fine ta dude. Just laughing at people moaning about Glastonbury being inconvenient for their travel plans. It’s been there since the 1970’s.

this is fucking hilarious even by your standards Theo!

Right, and it’s very special and beloved and its location is key to that, I’m not disputing it. But there’s a huge amount of infrastructure that goes into turning a farm into a city for a week. All I’m saying is that trying to condense that into a single day looks very challenging.