Glastonbury is back!


Getting to the Glastonbury site is easy… if you know a lot about the surrounding country lanes. But don’t tell anyone I said that, or that’ll become a nightmare too.


I’m looking forward to the backlash from everyone who paid for this livestream thingy when it ends up on the iplayer in a couple of weeks.

…for an hour.

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Why are you looking forward to that?

Perhaps they could ease the logistics by holding two separate events in Bristol and Edinburgh?

Ok I’m maybe not looking forward to it but it does seem pretty likely and it could lead to a lot of complaints for those who paid £20 or whatever.

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I wrote a strongly worded letter to Paramount after Star Trek VI appeared for free on telly despite me paying money to see it in the cinema a couple of years before




Nah, people pay £20 just to be let on an economy flight 6 minutes before the non-payers, they’ll be fine if 80% of the content ends up on iPlayer 3 weeks after the Live Stream

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Got a freebie ticket for the livestream tonight going spare if anyone wants it?

I’m probably too late aren’t I? I’d resigned myself to buying it anyway, so no worries if so…


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Nope, it’s yours! I’ll send you the details via DM now.

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Got a video of Tom Skinner’s thoughts before it

(Cause his name is also Tom Skinner)

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Really enjoyed that

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Oh look

Watched most of this yesterday on the 7pm stream - I have o2 and got the free code (thanks for calling that out!), don’t think I would have paid.

Really impressed with the Damon Albarn set, never really kept up with a lot of his solo projects but his new stuff sounded beautiful. Loving the look too.

Was just nice to have it on rather than the usual stuff we have on TV and thought some of the staging was lovely so yeah had a nice time overall.

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I thought the event was beautifully put together. Sure, most of us on here aren’t exactly huge Coldplay fans, but that bit was 40 minutes of a six hour stream and even that looked stunning.