Glastonbury is back!

Idles had a different guitarist for some reason

enjoyed The Smile

I actually loved the beginning of the Idles set, they just get so grating after a couple of songs. Ended up going to bed after Damon Albarn so will have to wait until it’s on iPlayer to watch The Smile unless it’s up anywhere else?

Did Damon play Mr Tembo?

No but he’s grown a terrible mullet

I thought he was working it!

Can we update the thread title please

  • Back
  • In crisis

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Bet this is “we’re going to make enough money from the camping that we don’t have to deal with the gig hassle”

They’d read some feedback online that it wasn’t convenient to get to.


That would be genuinely very funny.

Maybe after the fuck up with the streamed Glastonbury thing they were like “fuck this, one fuck up fair dos but 2? Nah!”