Glen Campbell RIP


Top 5 songs of all time for me - there are often days when I think it might be my favourite song of all time. Thanks Glen. 81’s a good innings at least.


Love sticking Rhinestone Cowboy on when i’m three sheets to the wind.


How incredibly sad. RIP buddy, you had it all xx


Always a fave:



Sad but again what a career.
Wichita lineman is just one of those perfect songs that kinda stops you in your tracks.
And I fucking love a sing song to rhinestone cowboy.


All of the Jimmy Webb stuff is amazing, but yeah, Wichita Lineman is pure grace. I really love Where’s The Playground Susie as well. There really aren’t many who can convey what he does and he could play too. So sad x


And I need more than want yoooooou… and I want you for alll tiiiiiime… and the wichita linemaaaaan… Is still on the liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

all time lyrics right there




Utterly magnificent singer. Lots of stuff that’s under appreciated (highwayman is a classic) but you can’t beat Wichita linesman. RIP


And that soup!


Ok honesty time Highwayman’s probably my earliest memory of any music, ever :frowning:



my junior year of high school i was on the golf team and we got to work the pebble beach at&t pro-am tournament (all the local high school teams sent volunteers every year). I got the assignment to carry the scoreboard with a foursome. 3 guys I knew and an another older guy i didnt know. He was the most talkative of the group and super nice. got home and told my mom the group i walked around with “… and some guy named glen campbell who I didn’t know” and she about lost her mind. she couldn’t believe how bad she had failed me that i didn’t recognize who that was. we listened to a lot more glen campbell from then on.


Probably not a career highlight:

In all seriousness, Wichita Linesman is an absolute classic.


That voice. (Wichita Lineman for example is a very demanding vocal.) Great guitar.

He and Jimmy Webb combined resulted in what is definitely one of the 5 greatest, if not the greatest, song of all time.


he’s at least at peace now.

I really enjoy his record from 2011 “Ghost on the Canvas” among the rest of his work.


I wore my Lineman of the County t-shirt today, even though the weather meant that nobody saw it.