Glenn McGrath - sook

The headline is clickbaity but the article is fairly reasonable?


Apart from the one paragraph from where the pull quote comes, I think that’s a pretty fair assessment of the test.

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I agree, they bowled out a team for 67 in the first innings. But ‘deserved to win’, what does that even mean?

Either way, he’s a pretty average summariser/pundit. I was disappointed it was him not Mitchell Johnson on TMS on Sunday.

Most annoyingly great shithead Aussie bowler from that era

  • McGrath
  • Lee
  • Warne

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Johnson was splitting duties with Channel 5 iirc

I know it’s warne, but just something about McGrath winds me up something proper

On Sunday, I remembered how lovely it is to hear an Aussie say “aw, look”


As in one day TMS, one day C5 or splitting duties during the day? I can’t remember hearing Johnson at all on Sunday.

It is what it is

When McGrath started as a pundit a few years ago he was OK, fairly balanced. But the one who really shocked me was Merv Hughes; turns out he was a great guy all along :astonished:

His bowling was so consistent it was annoying.


Splitting duties during the day I think. Might be wrong. Think he’s going back home and not on UK broadcasts for the last 2 tests anyway

yeah, Mitch has gone and they’d getting Matt Hayden or someone.

Best fast bowler I’ve ever seen. And I absolutely hated him for it.

If you were Australia you’d be fairly confident of winning one of the last two tests wouldn’t you

Still Curtly Ambrose for me

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Would be a brilliant* anti-narrative if England went 2-1 up and then lost the last test


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