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Do you think someone from say 1432 would be able to tell which was newer out of a film from the 1950s (maybe East of Eden) and a brand new 'un (Bad Santa 2)? How about if you throw in some CGI/effects (King Kongs vs each other (yeah 70s one too, whatever, I don’t give a fuck)). How about music? Tempest or someone vs Human League vs Elvis vs George Fornby?

This is all without any prior knowledge (ie B&W is older).

Think on mother fuckers!


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Cheers pal


who’s going to make the hat joke first? my money’s on eps

They’d be all over the shop. Probably wouldn’t stop vomiting long enough to even register what’s happening on the screen.


Thought William
Matt Bellamy from Muse

Do they get a briefing before seeing the films? As in: this is a tele, look at it and you’ll see this form of entertainment called a film, or are they just suddenly in a cinema not knowing what the fuck is happening?

Weren’t they still quite mystified by the moon then?

when they showed folk that film with the train they all shat their pants. fuck knows how many heart attacks king kong would cause.


Yeah I guess we’ll tell them a little and maybe give them some meat of something to take in with them.

give them an orange. blow their fucking minds.


Like I am pretty sure I read a story that some lad got his head cut off because he pointed at the moon and laughed and they got him for blasphemy

Seriously though, they wouldn’t have a fucking clue, they’d have absolutely no context for any of it.

To be fair it does my nut. It’s miles away yet it can move the seas and get women pregnant and light the earth with a ‘reflection’. Bollocks mate.

Pomder lonely as a cloud

Stop pretending to be an expert on people from the 15th Century, pal.

Prime opportunity to create a Glenn Ponder account for future questions of this nature.

@elthamsmateowen would rather be addressed as ‘he’ than ‘it’, for future reference

If you were offered a trip (by Richard Branson or some other such character) to the moon, would you go?