"Glossed over" anything recently?


This can be both in a painting sense or in a conversational sense.

Talk about things that you’ve “glossed over”


Explaining why I was off sick then working from home a lot the last few weeks, because I don’t think my colleagues want to hear about my bollocks any more than is strictly necessary.


Getting some people in to redo some gloss work in the hallway. I’d do it myself but there are some repairs that need doing in addition to the actual painting and I’d bollocks that right up.

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I haven’t glossed over anything I would rather walk on eggshell.


Was just on a conference call because some other people in work are trying to help a client do a project that I did here about 6 years ago and remember almost nothing about. Had to gloss over quite a bit there.


Glossed over some grubby marks on my wall and doors just last week. Probably would have washed off but love any excuse to get the paint out.

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Notice how when I try and gloss over things and change the subject people are determined to redirect the conversation back there

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