Glove chat and recommendation thread

My hands get really cold, most pairs of gloves I’ve ever had have only a limited effect. I’ve determined I’m going to get a good pair of gloves for the purpose of keeping them warm, do you have good warm gloves that I could buy somewhere a be like you with warm hands?

Glove chat is a little old thread where we can get together


I’ve got lined leather gloves that make me look like a sex criminal, but they keep my hands pretty warm.

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Theo, mate

I’m prepared to look like that if it means I have warm hands but this will be my backup plan as I would rather not look like a sex criminal.

keeping a low profile?


Have you considered putting your hands in your pockets?

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I wann-a be like you-ou-ou!

not only have I considered it, I have also done it. The results can be better than some pairs of gloves, I get good thigh heat, probably because I walk a lot.

£1 magic gloves

I swear by them

I should’ve thought twice before I uploaded that new profile picture

what’s magic about them?

one size fits all


I’ve got two sets of very warm (too warm!) gloves.

Some weird lobster-style cycling gloves

Some radical snowboarding ones

Neither pair suitable for everyday use though, obviously.

Every other day then?

Only kiddin’ thanks for you gnarly contribution to the glove chat.

Have you considered a hand muff?

i moved the liners about inside mine and now I can get them back in the right place. I can’t figure out why the hell it’s so difficult to fix but I can’t get them to sit right any more.

I have neither considered it nor tried it. Don’t you think I would get laughed at (because it’s called muff)?