Gluten-free food

Bought some of them chocolate macaroons. Tidy. You’d swear they were real food.

Bought some gluten-free bread. Fuck me. Might as well have just slapped my ham and salad on a pair of flip-flops from the spare room. How do people eat that?


Gluten free bread is really bad, other GF stuff has come on in leaps and bounds recently but the bread is dire.

(My niece is coeliac and my sister (her mum) has ulcerative colitis which gluten hampers fwiw)

I used to have a client that genetically engineered wheat to not produce the gliadins that are what causes most* people with gluten sensitivity to have issues, but still had the gluten present so you could use the wheat to me flour to make bread that actually has the texture of bread.

I think their funding ran out and they went bust.

*citation needed

I tell you what’s annoying - when Vegan’s get lumped in with Gluten free food

Like - my sainos have a choice of 2x vegan pizzas, and one of them has a shit looking gluten free base. why does vegan = gluten free?

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Gluten Free awareness week innit

My mum got in a bunch of gluten free food when I went home for the first time after learning I’m lactose intolerant :frowning:

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They’re dreadful those pizzas you’re on about. Fuck gluten free stuff! I want something in the food I’m buying or you may as well be selling me air

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I get some very nice gluten free bread from the markets in town, huge improvement on the shite you can buy in the supermarkets. Generally supermarket bought stuff is terrible.

Don’t even bother with pre made gluten free pizza bases, fucking terrible. My GF and I have made our own, much better and cheaper. Allowed me to have my first pizza in years.

Lots of great gluten free biscuits out there these days, shoutout to gluten free chocolate HobNobs. Fucking great.

Best gluten free beer I’ve tried is Fantasma from Magic Rock. Top notch stuff.


that’s annoying for people who eat gluten-free food too. i like meat! i think they’re trying to cover all special dietary needs so there’s a bigger potential market for the product and they don’t have to have two separate low-selling lines taking up space on the shelf.

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gluten-free bread is MUCH better than it used to be

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Yeah that’s a great beer, can’t really tell no gluten unlike most of them.

Also the first chop stuff is decent.

Had fantasma at the weekend, didn’t even realise it was GF until reading your post. Definitely held it’s own vs the other beers in the pub

Price of gluten free bread keeps going up, it’s really bothering me now. I get that it must be a nightmare to make at scale but also fuck off at 5 euro a loaf