Anyone got that new version of GMail? Creeping me out by trying to autocomplete my sentences


As in, I typed Hi, How and the rest is autofilled which I can hit tab to use.

Also just saw this on an email I received but hadn’t replied to.


Get the fuck off my back GMail.

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I don’t get the top but I think the I get the bottom thing a fair amount and have found it useful.

I use Inbox though so maybe you’re still using the old version like a granddad?


I’m running 32-bit Vista. I don’t get new versions of anything :laughing:

I got doned

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The auto-generated responses are brilliant! I field the constant stream of daily emails from my tv with them.

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but it’s change and that is what i fear

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not on google book m9!!!

I don’t get the autocomplete. Just suggested replies. I think you can customise it though and deactivate if you don’t like it.


i tried inbox and couldn’t come up with a single reason to keep using it over gmail.


Oh yeah, I’ve had that for ages m9

This is in the browser itself, autocompleting your sentences as you type them.

I only got offered it on one of my gmail accounts yesterday. I haven’t got it on my main personal account yet.

This. Inbox is balls.

Irked at the lack of a question mark and the space before the full stop taking its place.

Come on Chairman ('s email friend).

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Remember when Gmail was invite only?


the joys of still using hotmail


Yahoo classic is still a winner imho.

Genuinely never not used Hotmail.

There’s probably stuff in my outbox from the mid-nineties.

same here, same email address all my life coz it was never too embarrassing to change

Had the same mobile number since 2001 as well. Don’t understand why people change things. I’d have weird anxiety dreams about the National Lottery not being able to get hold of me, or sutin.


It was from my wife. But when you’re sending in the region of 50 pointless emails to the same person every day then grammatical standards are bound to slip.