Gnarliest Injury

Knew a guy that split his ballsack skating.

me - falling 25 ft off a rope swing into a pile of scrap metal when I was 17. forgot that I’d just done my AS levels as a result of the concussion which was cool.

Got airlifted off a mountain after concussing myself skiing.
Got a pretty grim scar on my wrist from a drunk fall into broken glass (was blackout and only found out when I woke up, blood all over my uni halls)
My brother fell of his bike on an icy day, slid into a wall, his fingernail jolted down and pierced through his skin a centimetre down his finger. Bleak

were you conscious during the airlift?

Semi (matron). Only time I’ve been in a helicopter and I can barely remember it.

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Banjo string

oh wait, did my ACL like 4 years ago and my knee went almost 90 degrees upwards (tried a shot while being tackled in football). crawled to the side of the astroturf in front of 10 or so onlookers asking me if I was okay for about 2 minutes, then my m9 put me on the tube and I went to the hospital.

ligament tears are stupidly painful.

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This is the last retort


That fingernail thing sounds horrible ffs


Back on the day Oceania came out, I tried to block a three point shot while playing basketball and somehow caught the edge of a knee in my groin as I was landing. Everything down there turned black and swelled up to the size of a grapefruit (the pressure was unbelievable), and I was instantly out of commission for all cardio for almost four years and lower body lifting until recently. I still get pain from the nerve damage it caused.

I did my ACL when I was 14 playing football with a tennis ball in the school playground. My foot was planted on the concrete floor and someone took me out. My kneecap literally went around the side.

Also broke my metatarsal at an Idlewild gig.

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If it had never happened, I never would have moved to the city and met my wife, so in some ways it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

True to form though, instead of driving to the nearest urgent care center for the immediate medical attention I needed, I drove home and limped my way to Best Buy to purchase Oceania.


Trapped my thumb in a car door, went very purple and after a few weeks the nail somehow pinged off when I was moving a table, never to be seen again. It looked gruesome.

Also occasionally my kneecap decides to veer off in any direction and I have to pop it back to where it began.

I fell off a dirt bike a few weeks back, was fine but from my ankle up to my hip got multiple bruises and cuts on my left side that took about two weeks to fade, have a little scar on my hip now.

Guitarist in my old band tried to take a shortcut home after a night out by climbing over a fence and peirced his arm al the way through on it. Pulled it off the spike, washed it off with vodka, went to sleep and woke up wondering why he was sticky and wet. Apparently he’d missed a nerve which would have cost him the use of his hand by about half a centimetre.

i was on the top bunk of bunk beds and put my arm underneath the bar along the side… then fell off. landed on the floor with an arm like a piece of cooked spaghetti. broke both bones and was lucky it wasn’t compound. the day after i had the pot taken off i broke it again playing dodgeball at holiday club.

also broke and dislocated by ankle playing football. remember a beloved teammate shouting ‘get off the fucking pitch if you’re actually hurt’ before coming over and seeing my foot the wrong way around

Fell off my bike onto barb wire when I was about 10.



My wrist after I fell off my bike going down something steep

That my hand about an inch too far to the right

Still rode home cos I’m nails

Why am I reading these :tired_face: :nauseated_face: