@Gnometorious and @avery will be in Manchester on the 20th & 21st September (these details repeated and elaborated on in this thread)

That’s right @Gnometorious and yer me, @avery will be in Manchester on the 20th and 21st September. We’ll be around Friday from late afternoon and all of Saturday. So far, I believe @moousee has said he’ll be around. It would be lovely if more of you would join us as well, too, also.

Here’s a actual poll:

  • Friday 20th September evening
  • Saturday 21st September daytime
  • Saturday 21st September evening
  • I can’t meat you but am willing to make it to Manchester Piccadilly on the Sunday afternoon, just to make sure Manchester is rid of you.
  • I’m not going to be around that weekend, sorry.
  • I was going to be around that weekend, but this news has forced me to make plans far, far away.

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I have nothing more to add at this time, but thanks for anything you’ve done in this thread to add to the #numbers.

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O’sheas 3pm straightener?


Manchester isn’t as cool as Bristol, hmph


I can do Friday evening as going to Aphex Twin at warehouse project. Won’t be drinking but up for soft drinks and maybe food


have fun in Manchester


Yeah, but I know Bristol too well.

(We’ll be back there soon)


We’ll definitely be back in Bristol soon, to visit my pal jp100 and @AQOS when he moves there :blush:

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Thanks! I don’t think I have ever not had fun in Manchester tbh!

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Note -
At the moment we have no plans. We just fancied a weekend away and we love Manchester, so suggestions of things to do and see will be very much appreciated, and then possibly ignored in favour of sitting in pubs all day.

Especially interested in food recs.


I do not understand this.


Hope you guys have a fab time Oop North :grin:

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Occasionally offer to fight people outside o’sheas in the football threads when drunk.
Kinda my catch phrase

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I feel like once you have to explain a catchphrase, it’s on shaky ground.

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O’sheas, 3pm, discuss in person?

It’s got 4 likes as well

I feel like once I’m in O’Shea’s 3pm, to discuss in person, it’s on shaky ground.

“It’s on shaky ground” is kinda my catchphrase

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I don’t go in the football threads (not on purpose anyway)

I actually think I might be…?

We’ve got Leicester at home that day I think

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That’s the 14th chief

Ah, could have checked that…

Ahm oot in that case

Yep. Man Utd games from the weekend of the 21st will be on the Sunday as well cos of Europa, annoyingly.

Man Utd!

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