Go for a walk

if you can and enjoy doing so.

That’s probably the best advice I could give anyone that would be useful at any time.



canny beat a good walk


Yeah I might go out for my 2nd walk off the day, proper nice day here. Saw my first bee of the year.


Fully agree. I’ll not walk today though as it’s snowing.

Having a walk RIGHT NOW!

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I’m going for one later, cheers.

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i’m going for a walk in 10 minutes!

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No thanks


Ironically I would quite like to go for a nice healthy walk now, but I can’t because I’m waiting on a call from my doctor.


I’m a bit weird, just going for a walk doesn’t help me mentally at all. I wish I was joking. The only thing that seems to work for me is I’m going for a walk to do something. Like I have to give it a purpose before doing it like going to the shop even if I don’t buy anything, or climb a big hill so I can take a photo there.

same with exercise and the gym - can’t just go and work out and be happy about it in itself - have to record all my exercises and try and beat them etc.


All this time and then you finally slip up and out yourself Elon.

oh god has elon musk said something to this effect?

You credit me with more research ability and less laziness than I deserve. It just sounded like the sort of thing he’d say.

Going to walk to and from football this evening. Takes just under an hour to walk there

  • Going for a walk
  • Simply ‘going to football’

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I love walking, give me a podcast or some music and I’ll spend all day outside walking to nowhere.


Still walking!


good work, keep at it!

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hope everything’s ok

Thanks! 1h40 so far. Only done 2.4 miles (about ½ mile from home to go), just ambling along the river checking here and other forums, podcasts on. I love a stroll on a nice day, feed the ducks, swans and robins ^▽^


and squirrels too don’t forget

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