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not sure if this will have the same traction as the journalist on twitter, tbh https://www.gofundme.com/spiritual-journey-and-travel-fund

Can confirm this woman has NOT, to my knowledge, called me a dickhead.

I’ll cancel my donation then


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$25 in 6 days so far. On track to reach the target in just 6 and a half years.

I am a spiritual teacher, life coach, reiki and crystal healer, artist, YouTuber, traveler and writer. Plus actor.


2.6K shares, $25 in 6 days. Oof.

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I refuse to believe this is a real person.

alternatively you could help her out by spending £50 on this tasteful dream catcher from her etsy shop

“I’m not exactly sure if you can call this a business plan” has properly done me

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Hope she puts out an EP of b-sides and demos in 5 years time.


Daft but seems much less harmful than the media darlings getting in on it.

How will all this cost ten grand? That’s the part which takes the piss.

Then I watched some of the videos on her youtube page (of course she wears a bindi!) and none of it is good or well made, but then again I’m not the target audience…

"I believe we should all have the opportunity to have the things we need at our finger tips, whether or not we have the money for them."
Funny that.