Go on then, do you know anyone who's slept with someone famous?


That’s what that celebrity-touching thread was really about, before it descended into ‘Dannii or Diana’. So, do you have a mate who has slept with someone famous? I had a friend who was having a thing with Bond-theme-singer Sam Smith.


I know someone who had a MFF threesome with Jason Biggs. I don’t think her boyfriend at the time - now husband - ever found out.


I’m afraid not


Oooo, I know someone who kissed Benedict Cumberbatch when they were at uni together! Swoon.


Was he Biggs by name only?


I didn’t want to picture it.


I have a friend who has claimed to have kissed Ed Sheeran, but before he was famous. I am dubious.


Why are you dubious?


The plural would probably come in handy in the circumstances.

(Sorry, a bit NRwRC)


No comment!!!


My sister wanked off Shaka Hislop


Oh yeah, when I started working here and got the usual background questions etc. I kind of wondered why nobody asked me about Prince William/Kate Middleton since I was at St Andrews at the same time as them (not that it’s interesting or that I’ve got anything to tell, but you usually get a question or two).

Turns out Kate’s last ex before Wills works in legal, so they’ve had much juicier royal gossip to chew on.




She has a reputation for exaggerating. Plus, it was in a pub up north in the middle of nowhere. Still, it could be true I guess.


My girlfriend’s mate briefly dated Matt Lucas


Did it put her off Star Wars for life?


How did you find out Balonz’s sister’s name?


Assumed she had the same name as him.


I don’t get this joke. Is it something about his final front ear?


I’m not joking.