Go on then, do you know anyone who's slept with someone famous?


Mr Loverman!


Well my girlfriend has never seen and has no reason to ever want to watch star wars, obviously


On gogglebox last night hardly any of them had seen star wars. Ffs!


Did he shake his lop?


A friend of a friend slept with Frank Ocean.

(I have never met the friend of a friend, don’t even know their name)


Does Ichor still post here?

His story about Lizo from Newsround still makes me laugh.


I would love to hear that


There’s really not much to it:


There’s definitely an inappropriate 70’s celebrity joke here


actually, let’s not do this




(works best if the celebrity was Rick Wakeman)


a friend of mine dated him for 2 years (or so)

having said that i haven’t seen her in forever but yeah


All five at once?


Girl who I dated once was going out with Chris Bart Williams for some time. Supposed to be super nice.

I went to ATP with a girl who slept with the singer from Of Montreal.

Loads more even more obscure ones thinking about it, but I’m bored


Well, there’s all the people who have slept with me



What a fun afternoon that was!