Go on then, monday evening


extremely irked coz someone has lodged a paypal complaint against me. having falafel for tea in a bit. might go out for the run i didn’t go out for this morning but i had a pint earlier, whoops.

what you got goin on?


Went for a run and thought I was having an aneurysm


Hey Eric

I feel a little down and anxious, not sure why. My supervisor is back from holiday tomorrow and I’m a bit nervous about that, idk why though, she’s really nice.

Ate some tomato soup and bread, was pretty good. Falafel sounds good though.

Might take a bath and hope I feel better afterwards.



Was going to a pregnancy class, but neither of us can be cba. Listening to a podcast on the Wiggins thing. Either kiev dinner or stir fry. Early bed


New lid, same pout.

State of these greys (whites?) now!


had your ears lowered eh? heh heh


been working from home again (since 1ish) as the beast from the east has caused no water or heating at my school so the children couldn’t come in


Fight with a lawnmower etc.


Still at work


think i might do both of these things shortly

yeah weird that isn’t it. i know positive anxiety is a thing but i often get nervous and anxious in a bad way about things that i should really be looking forward to or should be pretty painless. brains eh?


you grow it, we’ll cut it!


Still at work, meaning I missed the early showing of Lady Bird. Got the music pub quiz to go to tonight although we’re two men down. Pub has started doing pizzas so might go straight there and have that for tea.

@Jeremys_Iron looking :fire:


Fanks bbz :blush:


Think I’m foregoing masterchef to watch carol tonight lads :smirk:

Having a Thai green cuzzer for dinner and some melting middle chocco puds fr’afters :yum:


If it’s any consolation I do this as part of my job now and it’s very easy to get rid of, PayPal will always side with the vendor.
Just supply the tracking number (if you have it) of whatever you sent, note when it was delivered if you can using the number, take a photo of your receipt if you have it and attach it


oh yeah and a screenshot of any messages the two of you have


oh masterchef, sweet!


Oh wait, is senorita @profk on tonight?!


yeah… if i can find the receipt :grimacing:


next week i think