Go Pro Wankers



Has anyone got one?
My friend has a GoPro hero session and I love it and want one for my holidays.


i like underwater ones


my friend has one and occasionally tries to send me videos of stuff he’s filmed out on cycle rides/tough guy challenges etc. Of course, I’ve never watched a single one.


Yeah this was an underwater one and she made a brilliant film of them in Thailand and doing snorkelling etc


Get one if you like but literally NO-ONE wants to see your footage.


My nan might?
She just got a tablet!


joke about meowington’s height or something?


Trust me, she won’t.


I might get one to capture the mundane stuff in my life and livestream it somewhere, that’s the sort of thing that could take off I think.


get one and bring it in the sauna with you. Like it’s the most normal thing in the world.


glued to a crash helmet.


one of my pals has a chinese knock-off one. think it’s a xiaomi? was only about £50 but the quality was pretty impressive.

I thought about getting one of these:

they’ve got a magnet built in so you can stick them loads of places. but I realised like dave says no one would want to watch any of it :smiley:


Theres something about the angle thats really obnoxious in those videos

I guess its just that eveyone who posts anything is a smug cunt doing smug cunt things


there’s a lot of that going about these days