Go to any Summer Camp type things as a child?

Summer holidays a-coming so felt like this was appropriate. Did you go to any sort of summer camps or groups or anything like that?

I was forced to go to the Big T Club, which is a Thompson’s run thing, while my Mum lorded it up in the bar and on the beach.

We did fun activities like march around the hotel site screaming our chant.

What sort of things did you do? When? Why? Make any friends?

This was also at about 8am. Proud to have been part of something so insufferable

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Went to Bobby Charltons soccer school

Score any goals?

I was in one on holiday in Mallorca but the adults (probably teenagers) running it were weird sadists. Just did stuff like dry cracker eating contests and dumping flour on folk and that. Was really weird.

The flour thing was the last straw, so when they all ran into the sea to wash it all off, the two other Scottish kids in the group nicked the adults’ bags and we ran off and chucked them in the sea and never went back.

Great holiday.


Didn’t expect this thread to get so brutal so quickly

It was basically the Hunger Games, Chegg. We did what we had to do to survive.

You weren’t there, man. You weren’t there.

Had a fight with Arthur albistons son too

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I went to Downs bible week when I was maybe 7 or 8. Stayed in a caravan with the family and then went off to various activities during the day. Remember very little about it, other than that it rained incredibly heavily all week, we had to traipse through mud to get anywhere and we ran out of clean clothes by about the third day.


Band camp?

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Nice! I remember going away camping with Cubs once for a long weekend and it raining and being wet and horrible. I cried so hard on arrival that my mum picked me up after about 2 hours

Chuck any bags into the sea in protest?

Wish I had now. Might have stayed for the potholing actually now I think about it

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Then the tears

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Yeah we had a summer camp that you went to in year 5. Canoeing, rock climbing, orienteering, watched a play, cycling in the forest. Slept in big big tents. Had a school disco where our school won a womble singing contest. I got addicted to sprite.
My friend fancied a girl from another school and said he was love sick and made himself vomit a bit to prove it.
Also I’ve told this before but one night two boys in our tent thought the other three of us were asleep and said they should practice sex because they’d be having sex soon so they started thrusting the ground and groaning. Then in the morning the three of us got together and were like “so…last night”



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My mum used to send me to a drama club thing which i hated so much and a child in it threw up into their hands one day whilst Brandy’s The Boy Is Mine was playing so whenever I hear that song, I think of that kid being sick into their hands




That is absolutely brilliant