Goa - tips please

Booked flights to go there next month. Going to be in an apartment with some friends for a week.

I’ve never been to India (indeed, anywhere in Asia) so looking forward to it. Who’s been before and what do people recommend? Is it just beach parties and wild backpackers or is there more cultural stuff to do/see as well?

I realise it’s probably the most touristy/Westernised bit of India but I haven’t been on holiday this year and it seemed like a good opportunity.

I would like to goa

I spent most of my time on Agonda Beach, less people, more relaxed than somewhere like Palolem. The Portuguese influence is evident in that part of India.

It’s mostly just beaches and doing not-a-lot. There’s loads to see in the surrounding area though. You can get a car and driver for the day for twenty odd quid to take you wherever you want to go.

What sort of holiday you want?