goan stop changing your pictures

Ha! Similar colour scheme I guess? But mine is a 6-year-old’s collage-picture of a shark

If I had time I’d do something on MS paint along the lines of The Shard / The Shark. (@Japes might fancy this)

I just can’t decide on a suitable image. I googled ‘happy old man’ last week and used the resulting pic, then got grief for it.
Still waiting for @Bamnan to do me a picture.

that’s because bam realises it’s funny that you’re waiting on a picture to no avail

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I’ve had the same picture and never changed it on this board and the previous one, where do I collect my prize from?


(Get out.)

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I don’t want to disrespect @Bamnan

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Where’s this from?

it’s all good, change to whatever you want!

I changed mine to poch and Hugo during champs league fever but now I’m back to my classic dele MySpace profile pic

Google, I’m presuming

Google images

Aye but what is it?

Not sure leafs. Just a cut n paste. Might have been a FB pic

it’s a rent in the space time continuum