Goat Girl


Heard one of their songs on 6 music the other day and was suitably impressed. Listened to eveything I can find of theirs now and can conclude that they are rather excellent.

Anyone else enjoying them or seen them live? Looked online for an album release date but came up empty. Be interested to know if any you folks know of any plans for an album…


Saw them support lemon twigs last year and girl band earlier this year, really like them. Got talking to them in sleazys after the twigs gig and they were sound as fuck as well :+1:


Ooft that is a superb line up

Edit: just realised these were separate gigs. All the same both would’ve been great to see


That would be a fuckjng great line up for a gig :+1:


Yeah I saw them supporting girl band in Edinburgh and liked them. Kind of chastity belt vibe to them. Eagerly awaiting a proper album.

On another note I saw atom tree supporting someone years ago and fucking loved them. Bought everything they’ve done but I’m still waiting for an album. Get a move on, ya dafties.


They’re on Rough Trade so I’d hope that means an album will be forthcoming.

Will have to check out Atom Tree.


Really like Country Sleaze. Cheers for reminding me to investigate further!


They’re great. They were on Mark Radcliffe’s 6Music show the other week talking about the album so hopefully it’s incoming.

Grafters too - they seem to be support on about 20% of London shows I’m handed flyers for :+1:


Great news :+1: looking forward to it. Hopefully get released early in to next year