GOAT + Hookworms + Jane Weaver + Mugstar at Manchester Albert Hall


Finally managed to scoop some tickets for this, chuffed to bits. But then I’ve looked at the Albert Hall (I’ve never been before), and it looks like a seated venue?! Surely not, right? Couldn’t think of anything less suited to being sat down that GOAT.

Anybody know the Albert Hall that could put my mind at ease?


Standing downstairs seated upstair


Nice one - the tickets are all general admission so I assume that’s downstairs, right? or is upstairs overflow for those arriving late? It’s a bit of a sesh cause the first band are on at 6 I think so I guess quite a few will be arriving much later.


General admission gets you either seating or standing. There aren’t many seats and they fill up pretty quick - arriving late is going to leave you only with standing anyway so I wouldn’t worry about not being able to stand.

It’s a pretty great bill and a nive venue. I was very tempted, but don’t think I’ll be able to go.