God I love jazz

Every now and then I come back to Spain by Chick Corea and the heat of my loins knows no bounds. Like my British, Richmond sausage has been replaced with a lovely spicy chorizo. Softly As in a Morning Sunrise? More like Hard in a Smokey Club with Shredding Licks and Chromaticism Galore. Strasbourg St. Denis? More like Strap Me Down and Deny Me Pleasure. Saxophone? More like Sexophone.

Quite like jazz.


are you going to listen to it or give it a ride home

Iā€™m just looking to be a Thelonius Cuck :disappointed:

NOTE: Waveyswirley here. My pal caught me on drowned in sound dot com at the pub where we are right now and took my phone and started this thread in jest (there is live jazz being played). I do not endorse any prior material written in my name in this thread but will leave it uploaded


At it.

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Fully British imo

Hi there wavyswirly

I love jazz too x

Ahhh is @wavierswirly your pal then? I blocked their first attempt at posting cause it seemed too weird without context :sweat_smile: