Godparents Thread


EDIT: Godparents living or dead.

I have

  • 0 Godparents
  • 1 Godparent
  • 2 Godparents
  • 3-4 Godparents
  • 5 or more Godparents (post actual amount and an explanation)

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I am[poll name=poll2]

  • a godparent to a child
  • a godparent to more than one child
  • not a godparent but would be if I was asked
  • not a godparent and wouldn’t be

I [poll name=poll3]

  • have a child/children and they have godparents
  • have a child/children and they don’t have godparents
  • don’t have a child but would find them godparents
  • don’t have a child and would not want godparents for them.


I am not a Catholic


I almost always forget about the option to make this shite public.


Then stop shitting in the woods ffs


Me either but I had two godparents.


no fucking clue whether i have godparents - probably not.


That goes against God’s law. Eternal damnation for all involved.


The life of a third generation atheist is an easy one.


Sounds about right.


I had two, one of them is dead. Please advise what option I should vote for.


“Fucking hell”
“Hope so, I’ve got a season ticket”

I guy I went to University with told me that his school caretaker used to say this. No idea why it has stuck with me so long.

Although I guess it is only three years since I graduated!


Go for the original number. Same as me.

I can’t edit the OP.


Thanks Theo


Done. Becoming a godparent is good, if it’s a niece or nephew of yours you get to legitimately have a favourite, you get to publicly renounce Satan (while privately not renouncing him) and you get to make constant Italian-American organised crime-based jokes for a day.


I think I have 4 but I’m actually not sure


I have a godfather - he is AWOL, not heard from him for years. He is called Chris, can’t remember his surname. MY mum probably knows what he is up to

My kids have multiple godparents - but that was my exes wish rather than mine.

No one has ever asked me - 2 of my best friends are godparents to my kids but they didn’t reciprocate as they are not religious at all and their kids are not christened

When my son was due to get christened we asked my (atheist) friends to be godparent. The ex was going to a fairly strict / proper church at the time. The vicar guy came round to talk to us about the christening, and because I wasn’t a believer myself he didn’t want me to take part in the ceremony (we hadn’t told him the godparents were non-believers too)

Sorry - boring story but it thoroughly irked me at the time


Wow, banned from your own kid’s christening.

That’s harsh.

I assume you participated anyway.


The life of a godfather seems much less dramatic that the movies would have you believe.


If I was asked to be someone’s godfather I would

  • Give a straight answer one way or the other
  • Feel obliged to do a god awful Marlon Brando impersonation.

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yeah - I kicked up a fuss and vicar guy got overruled by a more senior vicar guy