You got any? Are you one? Do you have to do much? Is there a non-religious version? Have we talked about this before?

You come to me on this, the day of my daughter’s wedding etc etc

I’m Godfather to Mark Thatcher

Got two.

Think I’m about to become one, as my sister asked me to be godfather “again” for my second niece, but I’m definitely not godfather to the first one.

I’m not going to say anything, I’ll just wait until they tell me where to stand on the day.

I’m not sure if I’m a godparent or not. We got asked by my in-laws if we wanted to be godparents to our niece, but neither of us are religious, and I couldn’t make the Christening, so I don’t know exactly what’s happened.

I don’t know.

Just about to become one in a week’s time.

I have one who is still alive (my aunt), and I am godfather to one of my nephews. Basically means I spend slightly more on his birthday presents than those of my other nieces and nephews.

I’m godfather to my mate’s first born son and as such I much prefer him over his younger sibling.


Not seen either of mine in decades. Poor show guys.

I’m a godparent three times over - surprised and a little disappointed that my circle doesn’t have a safer/more religious pair of hands out there tbh tbf…

Yeah, due to being Irish and it being a big deal. My godmother was a massive boozer. Last time I saw her was when she came to stay over 25 years ago. She was drinking all day, and in the middle of the night she drunkenly stumbled into my room naked and got into bed with me. Had to call out to my Mum to come and get her off me as she was on the large size. Traumatic.

Am godparents to two kids. Don’t have to do anything really. Just remember birthdays and that. Bung them a few quid when I see them maybe.

both of mine are great.
my godmother’s my auntie and she’s a great person and always gives me money
godfather’s my dads friend, writes me letters sometimes and once gave me a trout jigsaw

Remember Fairly Odd Parents? Good that


I’ve seen some places suggest “guardians” or “guide parents” as a non-religious alternative. Doesn’t really have the same ring though, does it.

I am one yeah, to one of my youngest cousins. Try to remember to give her individual Christmas presents and stuff but don’t always get round to it. Brought her to a family friendly festival thing when she was a kid but that’s about the only “special” thing we’ve ever done tbh.

That post reminded me of that cartoon. Very good. I still quote a very specific line when the kid wins an attendance award at school and the teacher says "you’re so good at hanging around!"
That’s all I got

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Don’t have any. My parents didn’t Christen us etc. They in turn weren’t Christened themselves so I come from a long line of heathens it seems. Do find it strange when people who have had no semblance of religious belief before do the whole shebang for their kids. Especially if they ask me to attend.

My wife’s nailed on to be asked to be Godmother to her friend’s forthcoming child. Does this mean I’m automatically Godfather by marriage or do I have to be anointed or whatever myself?

Uncomfortable parallel with “guide dogs” there.

You need to be asked and do the whole turning-up-and-rejecting-Satan thing.

But then there are also two kids who call me Auntie even though I’m not in any way their actual Auntie. So for me I guess that’s maybe the non-religious version, or something?

Ok. That could be fun if I’m asked to do that.

Does being a confirmed Godparent bestow any legal obligation on me if ‘anything happens to the parents’ etc.? I’ve heard that’s sort of the point of Godparents but I don’t know if there’s a legal basis for that or just a moral one.