Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Ireland/UK Tour Sept/Oct 2024

The new Godspeed You! Black Emperor is here. The cover gives me a little shiver for reasons I can’t entirely explain
something vaguely parasitic about the feel of it?

Anyway, I am enjoying it via Spotify which is probably the most incorrect method of consumption :smiley:

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Also this forum’s ability to match potential duplicates is quite something



I am also enjoying this record! I have the vinyl which is lovely (even in the cd era constellation knew how to do packaging well and make physical purchase feel worthwhile).

Probably a bit early to call but I’m going to say could be their best since the restart.

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I don’t think they had digital download in mind either when they came up with the song titles. Here are the filenames, which the music player on my phone refused to even look at until I’d cut them down to something more manageable:

Not quite made my mind up on the album yet but it’s definitely got some great moments at least.

Do you play it in order or 12" then 10" or is it mostly just the 12" you’re playing?

Yeah. Years ago I had my iRiver H340 and if you had MP3 titles or folder titles over a certain length it must have flipped a bit somewhere and it would play the folder in reverse order. I therefore always heard The Drones’ Wait Long By the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By in reverse order always on that. :smiley:

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Yeah it’s good. Prefer the live versions but the difference isn’t as great as the last couple records;

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12 then 10, it’s a lot less of a ball ache than the previous split lp.

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It’s meant to be 12" side A, 10" side A, 12" side B, 10" side B, though, right?

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the album title annoys me


Godspeed never misses.

I had a quick listen the other day but found it a bit ‘GYBE-by-numbers’ and not sure if it hits me in the same way as they used to. Maybe I need to give it another shot though.


I was much the same. It’s good and I enjoyed it as I listened, but I just had a nagging feeling that I didn’t need any more Godspeed records that sounded like this.


Is it? Ah missed that and just listened to the 12 then the 10. Ain’t no one got time for that kind of nonsense.

I started listening to it the other night and it sounded rubbish, tbh

then I saw Pitchfork had 8.1-ed it and now I’m like, hmm

was v. annoyed at the way that review suggested they’re more sophisticated now than they were before?

they sound staid af since the comeback. like a lumpen immitation of the proper artists they were at first.

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i played it via Spotify as i like that they’ve broken it up into 8 tracks on there instead of 4 everywhere else

i find their original run a bit overrated and have found the new records much easier to engage with :man_shrugging:

best thing they’ve ever done imo


second-run Godspeed just sounds repetitive/simplistic and sludgy/bludgeoning, to me

whereas the first era’s stuff really breaths, is genuinely cinematic?