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Maybe this isn’t appropriate, dunno. Guy I know a little bit who plays in one of my all time favourite bands, his family need help with treating their son’s serious brain condition. Consider helping them please

God that’s heartbreaking, amazing to hear that that they think it can be treated though.

I know right. Just can’t even imagine what it must be like to go through something like that. I find it distressing enough dropping my son off at nursery

Hip_very_young_gunslinger starts fulltime next week! She can’t walk or crawl yet so have visions of her being abandoned while bigger children climb all over her. My wife was like “What if the other kids bite her? She has no teeth! She can’t bit them back!”

How old? My son is 14 months and just started three weeks ago 3 days a week - we’re quite lucky that we’ve been able to restructure our jobs around it a bit. But the nursery is great. Dropping off is hard cos he cries but it gets better every day. Think he’s settling in.
My mum gave me the best advice i think - the only thing you need to look out for is, do the other children look happy? if yes, yours will be fine.

She’s only just seven months. It’s quite young considering most mums seem to take a whole year off work, but Mrs HYG has a good job and enjoys it and we need the cash so… Baby’s been fine on her settling in days, no tears, just happy to chew new things, and the staff say she’s happy and eating well when she’s there. She’s very social and easy going anyway. Despite my worries, I think it’ll be good for her, when I’m with her all day I probably spend way too much time on my phone rather than actually engaging with her, whereas at nursery she should be really stimulated and hopefully her development should carry on (I think she’s on track for everything so far).

yeah she’ll be reet. My wife went back to work after 7 months too but we had a childminder up till now. tbh around 7 months is probably easier cos most kids dont develop proper separation anxiety till after that.

Honestly sometimes I think we could palm her off on some strangers and she’d barely notice.

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