Where else can you see Shaun Ryder impersonating Trump? [Probably anywhere to be fair if you can track him down]

I can’t decide if I want to be Laura Whitmore or Iain Stirling more

I took this to mean you are intensely attracted to one of them, and cannot decide whether you want to be that person or the person they’re with

Which is it?

Can’t decide if I want to be Iain Stirling or Laura Whit more


Can’t decide if I want to be iain sterling or laura whitmoremore.

I think I fancy both of them to be honest.

He’s exactly my type and she’s so flawless I could turn.

The Siddiques have decorated

Actually, I think they’ve moved

It’s alright guys they’re just round at Sids

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I would love a night out with Lee and Jenny so much

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Thought Sophie was on good form last night.

4 series of this has just been added to Netflix (lol)

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